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SILIKONLU  PLASTIK BOYA – BEST silicone water- emulsion interior paint
It is made on water basis. It is resistant to destructive impact of sunlight, moisture, rain and salty sea water. Due to elastic structure will not fade, chip or blister. Has a decorative look and is ecologically safe. 
The entire surface must be dry. Clean out the surface of old paint. Apply in 2 coats with brush, roller or paint spray. Water volume for dilution: not more than 10%. Apply at the temperature above 15 °C and below +30°C with 12 hours of intervals in between the coats. 
Drying time:
Complete dry out in 24 hours at +20°C temperature and 65% of humidity. 
150-200 ml for 1 m2 of a coat.
Safety Warnings:
Store container tightly closed in a place with 15°C - 30°C temperature in undiluted condition.
Shelf life:
3 years from the manufacturing date.