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BEST TUTKAL – Polyvinyl acetate emulsion base glue.
For all kinds of parquet bonding. Designed for use in woodworking and furniture industry.  Does not cause wood discoloration. 
Produced on polyvinyl acetate emulsion base.  Has excellent adhesive quality and provides a strong flexible glue line. 
The entire surface must be sound, clean, dry and free from substances. Irregularities can cause increase in pressing time and reduce glue line durability. Before connecting wooden surfaces heat the glue to 20 - 40 degrees. Apply the glue on the surface once. If necessary apply the second coat after the first one dried out. After the application, wait for 3 minutes until it becomes viscous, sticky and resilient.  Then connect the parts. Don't do it immediately after applying the glue.  After connecting the parts they need to be lapped, gripped in a vice or pulled with rope. Parts have to stay in this position for few hours until the glue dries out completely.  When gluing again, it's better not to remove joiner's glue, but to put a wet cloth on it. When the glue is soft, it can be scraped off.   Strength of the connection depends on the thickness of the glued coat and wood moisture. For the firmer joint, the thickness should be between 0.1 - 0.15 mm. If wood moisture is more than twelve percent, then joint firmness is highly reduced. It can be diluted with water when used. After drying out it leaves a transparent film. It can be used at temperatures between +5 ° C to 50 ° C. 
Precautionary measures:
R 22 Avoid ingestion.
S 7 Keep out of reach of children.
S   Store in tightly closed container.
Safety Warnings:
Store container tightly closed in a place with temperature not less than 0° C and not more than + 35° C.
Shelf life:
2 years